A joint-venture between American and Chinese partners, J Color Chemicals Corp. is a company of new concept, spearheaded by North American trained Ph.D. scientists and engineers who have extensive experience in fluorescent technology, and managed by professional teams with MBA background.

Located in Sandun Industrial Park of Hangzhou, P.R. China, J Color Chemicals specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of various fluorescent pigment products and related fine chemicals for various applications including in plastics, paints and inks.

JCOLOR® JC100 series is a formaldehyde-free, anti-plateout fluorescent colorant for applications in plastics. It is a melt-in type fluorescent pigment with low softening point (70-76), good low-temperature dispersion (150-180), broad processing temperature range (between 135 - 235), and excellent heat resistance. Furthermore, it is neutral and inert in nature, and does not add or detract from the lubricity of the plastic for processing. It is recommended for processes such as extrusion, injection molding and blow molding in manufacturing of toys, safety equipment, graphic sheeting, display packaging, vacuum-formed products, banners, and many other eye-catching substance.

JCOLOR® JC200 series is also a non-formaldehyde, plateout-resistant fluorescent colorant for plastic applications, but with higher softening point at 155and processing temperature tolerance up to 300. It is particularly designed for coloring high performance plastics under higher temperature processing conditions (185-300) with broad compatibility. It is recommended for preparing extruded color compounds and liquid color dispersions for use in processes such as injection, rotational and blow molding, extruded film and sheet, blown and calendared film, vacuum forming and casting.

Our microspheric fluorescent pigment JCOLOR® VQ series designed to achieve the best plateout-resistance known to the plastic processors. The preformed micron sized microspheric particles, and thermosetting nature render VQ series special properties such as opacity and easy dispersing that are unique in all fluorescent pigments. VQ series is also recommended for various applications in addition to plastics.


JCOLOR® GW series fluorescent pigment is designed for applications in flexo and gravure inks, screen and textile inks, aerosol, brush-on, and spray paints, coatings, crayons and plastisols. It is also environmental and user-friendly with zero formaldehyde emission during application.

J Color Chemicals is in the process of developing various other fluorescent and related products. We welcome all inquiries and appreciate any opportunity for potential collaborations.